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Dr Sanjeev Mulekar - specialist in the treatment of vitiligo and pigmentation
Dr Sanjeev Mulekar
"It is extremely gratifying that after many years of research, I am able to restore pigmentation to areas of skin where there has been a loss of melanocytes. To see the positive change in patient's lives brings me great satisfaction."

A brief introduction
When melanocytes, the skin cells which provide the unique colour to skin, have either been destroyed by a medical condition or through physical trauma, skin becomes white in colour.

Medical conditions such as vitiligo disease / leucoderma, piebaldism, or halo nevus for example, cause destruction of melanocytes. Burn scars often have white patches where there are no melanocytes, and laser tattoo removal often results in a loss of melanocytes as well as tattoo pigment.

Dr Sanjeev Mulekar
Dr Mulekar is a specialist dermatologist with not only a keen interest in vitiligo treatment / leucoderma treatment and research, but in any skin condition which results in loss of pigmentation or white patches.

After an initial introduction to autologous melanocyte transfer in 1995, Dr Mulekar went on to develop and perfect this technique of restoring skin pigmentation by transferring a patient's own melanocytes from an area of healthy skin to areas of the skin which have white patches. To date, he has treated over 3000 patients.
Dr Mulekar's biography

Further information
Dr Mulekar has published more than 18 papers in peer reviewed journals, (see Publications) and has been invited to present at a range of national and international conferences. His method uses non-cultured melanocytes and can be carried out at the point of care in an hour or up to three hours, depending on the size of the area to be treated. Melanocyte Transfer or Transplantation is an excellent method of treating stable vitiligo, other forms of leucoderma such as piebaldism, or burn scar dischromia. Click here to find out more about the treatment.

Repigmentation or Vitiligo Treatment / Leucoderma Treatment using autologous non-cultured melanocyte transfer is available in the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia & India.

Dr Sanjeev Mulekar is available for consultation at Wimpole Aesthetics Centre in London, The Light Clinic in Riyadh, Kubba Clinic in New Delhi and the Department of Dermatology, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, USA.
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Dr Mulekar
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